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From Design/Concept to Try-out
For any given metal forming process, it is possible today to conceive everything in a virtual engineering equivalent – from detailing customer requests to virtually inspecting the final product, as well as setting-up the production facilities. This includes material cost estimation, die design and feasibility, part design validation and tooling design and forming processes.

Below you will find a good selection of the milestones and elements of a virtual stamping engineering process that you can excel with stamping simulation software and solutions from ESI – from sheet metal stamp simulation to style,design, part and dies production – and beyond.

Making engineers productive – What is available and how does it work

Topology check, cleanup and repair
Material cost estimation
Die face design next generation based on B-Spline geometry
Fast link with simulation
Accurate numerical methods
Geometrical drawbeads
Springback – Kinematic Hardening Model
Triple speed mode for breathtaking short simulation times
Precise prediction of wrinkles including folding – no numerical flattening
Blank & Trim Line Optimization
Springback of High Strength Steel
(Multi-operation) compensation
Virtual prototyping of the full stamping chain
Cosmetic defects
High quality results without tradeoffs in cost and time
Hot Forming , End-to-End Virtual Prototyping
Chaining with manufacturing engineering and assembly prototyping
Virtual Reality